Springfield in a sentence

Springfield has several colleges and universities within the city.

Springfield is currently home to six public and private high schools.

His musket is a standard issue Springfield 1861 replica.

Six recreational lakes are within 100 mi of Springfield .

Boston is approximately 80 mi northeast of Springfield .

Springfield proper is serviced exclusively by Comcast cable.

Springfield‘s summers are very warm and sometimes humid.

In Springfield alone, approximately 500 buildings were destroyed.

The usually bustling Springfield Metro station was nearly deserted.

Springfield 1911s usually feature both grip and manual thumb safeties.

Larsen was sprinting away almost before Springfield had finished speaking.

The textile industry is back in Springfield !

Springfield and the surrounding region will continue significant population growth.

The school was in the Springfield community.

What is said in Springfield is heard around the world.

Jenny lived a free woman in Springfield thereafter.

Springfield nodded at the pile of weaponry.

Springfield acknowledged their success with a nod.

Grant shot an amused glance at Springfield .

Springfield is a historic residential neighborhood located immediately north of Downtown.

Springfield Globe was an outstanding sire that produced 229 winners.

The nearest bus and train station is in Springfield .

Successful general agents were often promoted to the Springfield home office.

So where does Springfield fit into this?

The other market surrounds the Springfield area.