Spouse in a sentence

Definition of Spouse

a person who is married to another person (a husband or wife)

Use Spouse in a sentence

My job offers medical and dental benefits for myself, my spouse and my children.

If I die before I retire, will my spouse receive my pension?

A recent study has shown housework chores to be a major area of dispute between spouses.

In our culture, most married people share domestic chores with their spouses.

All societies have rules about who is eligible to be a marital partner and how a spouse may be chosen.

You need to overlook your spouse’s minor faults if you want your marriage to succeed.

A recent study suggests that hostile spouses may be harmful to one another’s health.

Employees are welcome to bring their spouse to the annual Christmas party.

Please indicate on the form if your spouse is insured under any other medical plan.

Our parental leave plan allows either you or your spouse to take up to six months of paid leave after the birth of a child.

You must indicate on your income tax form how much your spouse has earned for the year .

She was an excellent spouse who stood by him through poverty.