spouse in a sentence

If I die before I retire, will my spouse receive my pension?
She was an excellent spouse who stood by him through poverty.

Find someone who has stood under a spotlight on a stage.

Discussion question: Describe the ideal spouse for you.

Someone once joked, “Get a new car for your spouse, it’s an excellent trade!”
Employees are welcome to bring their spouse to the annual Christmas party.

In our culture, most married people share domestic chores with their spouses.

She is in a transition house for women who have been abused by their spouses.

My job offers medical and dental benefits for myself, my spouse and my children.

Please indicate on the form if your spouse is insured under any other medical plan.

A recent study suggests that hostile spouses may be harmful to one another’s health.

You need to overlook your spouse‘s minor faults if you want your marriage to succeed.

A recent study has shown housework chores to be a major area of dispute between spouses.

You must indicate on your income tax form how much your spouse has earned for the year .

Discussion question: Would you look for different qualities in a boy or girlfriend than in a spouse?
Enjoyment of sex with one’s spouse is seen as a major factor in maintaining a happy marriage.

It is illegal to marry the former spouse of a grandparent in some parts of the United States.

There is a Mexican proverb which suggests that a jealous lover becomes an indifferent spouse.

Akbarali Jetha once noted that often we change jobs, friends and spouses instead of ourselves.

Any major financial questions should be discussed with your spouse before you make any decisions.

All societies have rules about who is eligible to be a marital partner and how a spouse may be chosen.

Unlike men, the women of the Bahamas cannot transmit Bahamian citizenship to their foreign-born spouses.

There is a Cape Verdean proverb which holds that a person without a spouse is like a vase without flowers.

If your spouse becomes disabled, you may receive some government benefits to allow you to care for him or her.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that spouses that love each other say a thousand things without speaking.

There is an Indian proverb which states that the spouse of a woman is a man, but the spouse of a man is his livelihood.