spotter in a sentence

This is where observations by storm spotter and storm chasers may be of vital importance.

Such spotters shall not return to the platform upon completion or failure of the attempt.

She soon mastered all programming languages and was chosen on these merits to be a spotter for the Hunters.

The 1960s through to the present has seen the development of new spotter technologies and training techniques.

Currently, the organization includes over 100 aircraft crewed by more than 900 pilots, spotters and navigators.

At the time of its opening, the terminal was very modern and it featured an excellent spotters terrace with a cafe.

Aylwin’s spotters noted one enemy bomber falling in flames after bursts from their ship had exploded in its vicinity.

Weapons Snipers use three types of weapons: the sniper rifle, the spotter‘s weapon, the side arm, and knives (for CQB).

Most spotter groups do support parking on the shoulder as long as it can be safely done and there is no other alternative.

After arduous training sessions that claim the life of one recruit, he becomes a sniper and is paired with Troy as his spotter.

GasBuddy collects real-time prices from over 750,000 volunteer price “spotters,” who send in daily updates from the local stations.

As a result of the cars going 4 wide into Turn 3, there was a multi-car wreck, with profane radio commentary from one of the spotters.