Sportsmanship in a sentence

Definition of Sportsmanship

polite, fair, honest and good-mannered behavior in sports of games

Use Sportsmanship in a sentence

It is expected that fair play and sportsmanship should be integral parts of the game.

The goalkeeper was injured as a result of poor sportsmanship during the match.

If your child exhibits bad sportsmanship , there should be consequences.

He kicked the ball to touch and ran to help the injured player, which a great level of sportsmanship.

The last ten minutes started to get out of hand as players started to argue and sportsmanship went out the window.

While playing competitively we emphasise the importance of sportsmanship and honesty from our players.

Bad sportsmanship of any kind will not be tolerated and any players displaying unsporting behaviour will be liable to immediate substitution or suspension by the Club for at least one match.

It was bad, bad sportsmanship , and the spectators booed.

The referees have selected a player from each team who has demonstrated good sportsmanship.

He plays the game the right way, displaying sportsmanship and humbleness that is both appreciated and admirable.