spoke about in a sentence

They even spoke about bringing more children.

He hardly ever spoke about his mother again.

They spoke about the long road ahead.

They spoke about battered wife syndrome and low income mortgages.

Sadler often spoke about attaining physical and mental health without drugs.

I simply spoke about both action and external judgement.

Vic Ahmed spoke about communicating to investors.

Everyone spoke about how fresh the fish always was.

Each of us spoke about issues touching liberty.

We already spoke about the process of different interpretations.

He spoke about widespread warfare and unrest among the nations.

They both spoke about the Irish troubles.

He never spoke about his own work.

We spoke about these matters this morning.

We sat down and spoke about things that had happened.

In 2008 she spoke about her face blindness.

Both spoke about local health-care delivery and financing issues.

Turk, you spoke about “brain washing”.

She also spoke about her own times.

The hon. Gentleman spoke about devolution.

Many hon. Members spoke about crime.