Spoil in a sentence

Definition of Spoil

to have a negative effect on something (value, beauty, etc)

to cause a child behave in an undesired way by letting them do everything

Use Spoil in a sentence

The oil spill has spoiled beaches all along the coast.

The sudden rainstorm really spoiled our picnic.

They really spoil their son by giving him anything he wants.

The food became contaminated with bacteria from spoiled meat.

Too many people are so spoiled by the convenience of our modern lifestyle that they become overweight due to a simple lack of activity.

My nana always said that it is the job of a grandparent to spoil their grandchildren.

Don’t eat those crisps before supper or you’ll spoil your appetite.

That child is so spoiled, he deserves a good spanking.

She is hoping to discover a relatively untouched and unspoiled destination to visit.

This nasty weather certainly has spoiled our weekend.