Splurge in a sentence

Definition of Splurge

to spend more money than you have

Use Splurge in a sentence

On their first anniversary, they splurged on an antique sewing machine.

Last year he and his wife splurged on frequent dinners out and furniture that they hated; now they’re getting financial advice from his new agent and looking to the future.

She has a limit of $ 80 per garment, but splurged for this coat on sale.

There, he splurged on breakfast. He treated himself to coffee, orange juice, and two Egg McMuffins.

He always wanted a nice suit. So he splurged before this job and got it in anticipation of his big payday.

Several weeks ago, they won $ 90 in the lottery and splurged on a candlelight dinner out, followed by a walk on the beach.

Stuff like steaks and burgers can still be part of your diet, just as an occasional splurge or treat rather then a daily thing.

Last week, Whitewater splurged on expensive hotel rooms for the first time.

We had six travelers, so we splurged on a cab, reasonable at $65 for all of us.

Last year, she splurged on a pair of yellow gold and diamond drop earrings.