Splotch splodge in a sentence

Definition of Splotch

(British:splodge) a large noticeable mark, spot or stain of mud, paint or etc.

Use Splotch in a sentence

The blood soaked through the sleeve of his shirt, forming a large splotch .

I just can’t get this stubborn splotch out of my blouse.

There was a large wet sweat splotch on the back of his shirt.

It will require the services of professional cleaners to thoroughly remove the splotch from your carpet.

Rub briskly with soap, and the splotch will soon wash off.

Use a large brush, and powerful detergent to scrub the oil splotches off the driveway.

His overall was covered with paint splotches .

Do you know how to remove coffee splotches from a white shirt?

You can get rid of some splotches in your clothing by putting a bottle of cola in the washing machine.

The splotch on the wood panelling in the basement needs to be redone.