speed skating in a sentence

speed skating was first form of skating sport.

South Korea is especially strong in short track speed skating .

speed skating would appear to involve lightness and balance.

The downhill ski events and speed skating come to mind.

This is what is now known as long track speed skating .

I am curious, does Canada have collegiate level speed skating ?

Short track speed skating has provided the country with many firsts.

speed skating because I have always liked to race.

Carriere said he had no interest in speed skating .

speed skating has, like, all the hot guys!

Women’s speed skating and biathlon made their Olympic debuts.

Inline speed skating is the roller sport of racing on inline skates.

Wang Meng shined in short track speed skating with three golds.

Check speed skating Canada for complete results.

Gateway speed skating Club offers speed skating opportunities for all ages.

Gateway speed skating Club offers speed skating opportunities for all ages.

I think its time that short track speed skating become a standard!

Current resident Apolo Anton Ohno was a short track speed skating athlete.

We did skiing last week, let’s move on to speed skating .

In 1992, short track speed skating was accepted as an Olympic sport.

Éric Bédard, Olympic champion in speed skating .

To some extent, indoor inline races are similar to short track speed skating .

That arena has also hosted the World speed skating Championships.

All of the speed skating events were held at Bislett Stadion.

Like roller skating, ice speed skating was also professional in North America.

Scandinavians had done poor in speed skating events up until the 1948 Games.

speed skating competitions took place inside.

speed skating is also a sport in today’s Olympic’s.

The IOC also required that the long-track speed skating be done indoors.

Bonts and RAMs are your run of the mill speed skating boot.

Younger viewers got an Olympic speed skating champion, Apolo Anton Ohno.