speech in a sentence

He delivered a speech.

He is brief of speech.

She made a good speech.

She is rough in speech.

He drew out his speech.

She is frank in speech.

His speech irritates me.

His speech was too short.

Your speech was splendid.

His speech turned us off.

Her speech was excellent.

Don’t be rough in speech.

His speech went on and on.

His speech appealed to us.

His speech is very refined.

He has distorted my speech.

Man has the gift of speech.

Her speech was full of wit.

You must record his speech.

They made speeches in turn.

His speech was to the point.

His speech is very eloquent.

I made a draft of my speech.

I was bored with his speech.

Do you have to make a speech?

He made a speech out of turn.