speckled in a sentence

The pretty speckled trout pattern is shown here.

Red dogs are evenly speckled with solid red markings.

She was evenly speckled with silver glitter.

Their wings are clear or speckled brown.

speckled and lake trout are plentiful nearby.

It produces small speckled pitchers with reduced thorns under the lid.

Some were immature birds in brown and black speckled plumage still.

The finished products are often speckled with gold and silver.

Within its range the speckled wood typically prefers damp areas.

The green hills are speckled with pastures and forest.

Even their teeth and lips were speckled brown.

But she never really forgot the speckled band.

It has a smooth or speckled texture.

Very few speckled wood butterflies this year.

The majority of our fish are speckled with tiny white spots!

The rash however, is bright red and speckled in appearance!

Round his head was a strange, yellow speckled band.

Our region’s speckled with golf courses in breathtaking locations.

There are two speckled patterns: fine and coarse.