special powers in a sentence

They are unforgettable and have special powers .

She suspected it might have special powers .

He has been granted the special powers for 18 months .

Such suffering was often believed to give the martyr special powers .

In wartime the police enjoyed special powers and abused them.

Additionally, each class has special powers granted to it.

He starts to realize that she has special powers .

Other operatives that appear also have special powers .

Being demons, the two had special powers .

She has special powers and spiky green hair.

Does Ella have any special powers or skills?

I don’t have any special powers .

Miracles were attributed to some saints and special powers to others.

On his journey, George discovers he has special powers .

He is shown as a normal human with no special powers .

The egg, therefore, was believed to have special powers .

They do not confer special powers over the ordinary citizens .

But that was about it for special powers .

Collect unique talismans with special powers as you progress.

They have special powers , differing for each witcher.

Demon – A non-human with special powers and weaknesses.

Vampire – A non-human creature with special powers and weaknesses.

The removal of the special powers Act.

Each character is unique in their strengths, weaknesses and special powers .

She uses her special powers to manipulate the portal’s puzzle lock.