spearhead in a sentence

Teacher Amy Parker spearheaded the idea to design a t-shirt for Webb.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Atlantic Common Ground Alliance.

For spearheading Bayern’s victory at Stuttgart, Arjen Robben was fourth.

Large planes that had spearheaded the recovery are now seeing slower growth.

Legspinner Devendra Bishoo spearheaded the hosts’ effort with a career-best 6-80.

Against Gibraltar, he once again looked out of position spearheading Germany’s attack.

The program is spearheaded and funded by fast-growing environmental group Save The Bays.

85274 At 22 he was spearheading Canada’s marathon effort at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

The museum was spearheaded by the nearby University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.

Iran has appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi to spearhead their implementation.

Shortly thereafter, Jaroslaw announced he would replace his brother and spearhead the PiS alone.

That means new signing Radamel Falcao could spearhead Chelsea’s attack for the opening encounter.

When the French rejected a referendum he spearheaded about reforming regional government, he resigned.