soybean soybeans in a sentence

soybeans contain no cholesterol, and are low in saturated fat.

Henry Ford was obsessed with soybeans, he once wore a suit and tie made from soy-based material, served a 16-course meal made entirely from soybeans, and ordered many Ford auto parts to be made from soy-derived plastic.

In soybeans, foliage feeding is less damaging but can be significant.

soybean oil is a key ingredient in many condiments made by C.F. Sauer.

He was referring to corn, soybeans, watermelon, tomatoes and the like.

Here, in 2010, workers on combines harvest soybeans in northern Brazil.

It is estimated that 30 percent of Iowa’s soybeans are exported to China.

” Flandreau’s indoor marijuana farm is set against a backdrop of soybean fields.

Illinois was the No. 1 U.S. soybean producer in 2014 and No. 2 in corn production.

Most crops that have been damaged from the heavy June and July rains are corn and soybean crops.

Today, the winds that blow through his corn and soybean farm have become more than just an irritant.

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the country for major crops such as soybean and wheat.

For the adventuresome palate, try a few pieces of sushi (the cooked variety), soybeans , and rice crackers .

The surrounding area supports agricultural development of livestock, soybeans, cotton, and poultry.