southwards in a sentence

The average annual water quantity increases southwards .

The airfield traffic pattern is flown either northwards or southwards .

The division fought several brisk actions during its advance southwards .

Huge torrents of water were forced southwards .

From this north ridge three upland figures point southwards .

The lion’s share is rapidly heading southwards .

D passed the village and advanced southwards .

His successors made repeated attempts to extend their territory southwards .

It faced out southwards across the neighbouring valley.

Rivers flowing southwards from the mountains are numerous.

The volatile market continued to tread southwards in subsequent trade .

The civil parish extends southwards across much rural land to Lea.

These wars did not result in any significant advances southwards .

The Assyrians then sent a large army southwards .

Where would it be travelling roughly southwards ?

The party moved southwards again on January 13 in bad weather.

The range continues southwards to Cape Point.

The Christian “reconquista” was moving southwards .

His powerful realm extended influence further southwards to Zachlumia slightly.

The view southwards from the platforms at Victoria.

Most of the county’s rivers flow either southwards or northwards.

The Chinese dispatched a truck convoy southwards on that road.

Their range appears to be extending southwards in India.

The army marched southwards and on 20 July reached Leicester.