southward in a sentence

The threat zone also trails southward to the North Carolina mountains.

The Sangerfield River is an important stream flowing southward through the town.

Economy Looking southward at Vaduz city-centre.

A band of rain moved southwards over the UK, which brought some snow.

The Sacandaga River flows southward through the west part of Hope.

These loamy sands extend southward through the marsh area.

The Colorado River can be seen leading southward away from the lake on the top left.

The race proceeds southwards to Wilderswil at the 10 km mark.

In his wanderings Jacob Fahlstrom drifted southward to Ft.

KY 259 skirts the border of Nolin Lake State Park before continuing southward.

” Lee’s men continued to pursue the Union soldiers southward.

Han Xin later organized an army to move southward and attack Western Chu.

Canadian Creek, on the suburb’s eastern border, flows southward.

The peaks lie southward of Case Island and trend east-west for 20 miles.

The car collection was the work of Sir Len southward and his wife, Lady Vera

The French Corps was heading towards Sedan, but withdrew southward after the engagement.

“ There was only a small gate for pedestrians southward to the castle in the “Burgstraße.

Dispersed in this region, major rivers flow southward, almost paralleling to one another.

If one says that the tower is southward from your home, the question that arises is how far?

M-69 and M-95 separate in Randville as the former turns east and the latter continues southward.
The Blijde Boodschap passed the Straits, but was blown off her course southwardly.

Some Kumamoto Liner rapid trains, however, make stop at all the stations southward from Kumamoto.