southeastern in a sentence

Only the southeastern corner guard tower has survived.

There are more food barrels in the southeastern corner.

There were ten southeastern provinces located in the mountainous border.

Children kidnapped from southeastern provinces are forced into prostitution here.

The river valley zones are subdivided into southeastern and northwestern areas.

Poland took control of the southeastern region.

There were 242 deaths in southeastern Africa.

Members are primarily located in southeastern Wisconsin.

Gordon left portions of southeastern Haiti without water access.

Power outages were also widespread across southeastern China.

State Route 900 forms the southeastern border.

The station is managed by southeastern train operating company.

West Virginia is the least populous southeastern state.

In southeastern Wyoming, temperature influenced resting site location.

The southeastern part is however much calmer.

A navigable route was dug in 1964 in the southeastern direction.

The hurricane wrought a great deal of damage throughout southeastern Louisiana.

There is a spiral staircase in the southeastern angle.

Its southeastern limited is outlined by the Clan river.

Several southeastern languages have become extinct and all are endangered.