soulmate in a sentence

Nerdmance couples – Looks like the hunt for a “Star Wars” soulmate is over.

Jade is dating Mary-Lynnette’s brother, Mark, her soulmate.

This made her husband see her as a soulmate since they shared the same taste.

Parish – who Harvey describes as her “musical soulmate” – has been working with Harvey for over 20 years.

Bedingfield’s second album, N.B. (2007), was less successful but yielded the UK top 10 singles ” I Wanna Have Your Babies ” and ” soulmate “.

He married the love of his life and soulmate, Bonnie Jean Moon in October 1960, at Lakewood Heights Presbyterian Church.

Premieres include Axelle Carolyn’s feature film soulmate with Tom Wisdom (SyFy’s “Defiance”) and Rose McGowan’s directorial debut thriller Dawn.

He chose Sharon, and she immediately replaced Neil as Joshuah’s soulmate.

On September 14, 2009, Daniel proposed to Amber, calling her his “soulmate“.

Angel eventually moves on and Gillian joins Circle Daybreak with her soulmate.

Hideki runs off to find Chi, while Chi decides that Hideki is her soulmate and activates her unique programming.

In order to gather more information about him, Odd uses his gift of supernatural intuition, which his soulmate.
As Clarice goes to Heaven, it is revealed that she was in fact, Caraka’s soulmate all along, and was attracted to Jim because of their similarities.

After the war, she is crowned the new queen of Lireo but almost immediately steps down, choosing to live in the human world with her soulmate Anthony.

He was my soulmate and best friend.

The strength of the soulmate connection differs.

Could a computer algorithm determine your soulmate ?

My soulmate was also a great romantic .

Are they kind of soulmates of another dimension?