soulful in a sentence

Natalie Merchant, her first album in 13 years, reveals an earthier, even soulful Merchant, particularly on the lead track “Ladybird.”

Solitary men moving about the walkway, presumably undercover police — too young and plainly dressed to be out for a soulful afternoon walk.

Meanwhile, Universal’s James Brown biopic “Get on Up” featuring Chadwick Boseman as the soulful singer opened in third place with $14 million.

The compositions were built around the voice of Alice Babs, the soulful baritone saxophone of Harry Carney, and Ellington himself on the piano.

Delicate, soulful old man, standing against killing.

The music is a soulful blend of funk, blues and jazz.

Bob Childers’ natural music makes latest album soulful.

Kiefer is known for evocative and soulful images of barren German landscapes.

Rajasthan Diary quotes it as a soulful, full-throated music with Harmonious diversity.

Mohan ‘s soft, melodious voice manages to carry the song through with soulful rendition.

She rearranged most of the songs into soulful jazzy numbers and did a lot of improvisation.

Laine’s slow, soulful version was a model for the iconic remake by Ray Charles a decade later.

Singer of songs was shivanand jha and all soulful music of album was composed by Ritesh singh.

It has a relaxed reggae beat with Jazmine’s soulful voice and beautiful harmonies sung over it.

“(Winwood exploded onto the London music scene as a teenager with his powerful, soulful tenor).

He is known for being very soulful and valiant, although he starts to become senile from his old age.

His songs were so popular that movies would get repeat audiences just to listen to his soulful songs.

A pulsing, organic rhythm section is an effective musical backdrop for Lonie’s funky and soulful expression.

It was her first album away from Tobin, and some of her fans felt the new soulful, sultrier Tiffany was a hard sell.

If something must be done, he just does it; he isn’t as soulful as Yeudon, though he is little arrogant and self important.

Humble people reach inward and find soulful reasons for being strong, when the mind comes up woefully short, as it always does.”

Working with American and African musicians, Jean-Luc expanded on the explorations of Tchokola with a moving and soulful result.

The Great Place: A soulful Celebration of the Beautiful South African People Publish America Incorporated, 2004 *Wallerstein, Immanuel.