sorority in a sentence

They conduct tutoring and study groups helping younger sorority members.

The sorority organized social activities but also emphasized scholastic achievement.

There is sorority clothing specially designed for the specific sorority.

This is because the sorority maintains meaningful relationships among members.

Oklahoma has a strong social fraternity and sorority presence.

All five have sorority houses on campus .

Formal sorority structure was finally ratified in July 1970.

They weren’t guarding the sorority house door.

No sorority Chapter has ever closed or otherwise been dormant.

There are six general purpose social sororities .

There are four historically black sororities and five historically black fraternities.

Responsible to enforce appropriate and legal social policy throughout the sorority .

The sorority wanted to operate a job training center for students.

The sorority announced its dissolution in December 1998.

There are no fraternity or sorority houses on-campus.

Additionally, several houses in the sorority row area were destroyed.

Their sister sorority is Gamma Alpha Lambda.

There are eight national sororities on campus.

Marshall has 13 fraternities and 7 sororities .

Truman hosts eleven sororities and eighteen fraternities.