sororities in a sentence

South Halls also contains housing for sororities.

Similarly, the CSU Panhellenic Council governs the sororities.

Greek life There are six social fraternities and sororities on campus.

The 1950s were a turbulent time for fraternities and sororities in general.

Iota Phi Theta ® is an avid supporter of these sororities and their activities.

Indianapolis contains the national headquarters for twenty-six fraternities and sororities.

731211 There are four historically black sororities and five historically black fraternities.

Aside from the sororities, there are about 45 on-campus organizations Stephens students can join.

In this way, Greek life returned to UT and with many of the same fraternities and sororities of the past.

Greek Life There are 13 fraternities and sororities at NGCSU, offering friendship and leadership opportunities.

Stephens students can also join historically Black or Asian sororities at the nearby University of Missouri campus.

Fraternities and sororities Fraternities and sororities are social clubs of secondary or higher education students.

Beyond fraternities and sororities the college has over 25 Honor society for various fields and areas of involvement.

Listed below are the fraternities and sororities sponsored by USF, and the years in which they were founded on the campus.

Following is a list of those that belong to the Inter-Fraternity Council and the National Panhellenic Conference (sororities).