Sororal in a sentence

Definition of Sororal

relating to a sister; sisterly

Use Sororal in a sentence

Maybe, B takes her husband’s side, and there’s sororal tension.

He stood up and she came forward and gave him a big, warm, sororal hug.

It had been a long time since Anna and I had shared sororal confidences. I had seen her so seldom since her marriage.

Only her sororal instinct to protect her brother held her back at all.

The two friends have a special sororal bond.

After the death of their mother, two sisters’ relationship is more maternal than sororal.

As a constant reminder of their sororal relationship, Capriati always wears a gold bracelet Evert gave her as a present three Christmases ago.

Her coworkers treated her with sororal regard and affection.

There is a strong sororal bond between her four daughters.

Both initially deny there is a sororal rivalry, but admit they are in a very competitive family.