Sorcery in a sentence

Definition of Sorcery

magical abilities using evil souls

Use Sorcery in a sentence

Egypt was once thought to be the land of sorcery, of witchcraft and of magic.

The witch used sorcery to hypnotize the knight and kill him with his men.

Ancient man attempted to change the weather by using sorcery.

Aethelwulf leads a great force against the enemy, with the help of much sorcery.

The witches made sorcery using many secret ingredients.

His father died a few months earlier, and they believed Wawa used sorcery to kill them both.

Many books and films have sensationalized voodoo as sorcery based on animal and human sacrifices to summon zombies and evil spirits.

Almost every social misfortune – individual or collective – can be attributed to sorcery.

Belief in various forms of sorcery survived into the seventeenth century, one example being the persistent Faust theme.

“Game of Thrones,” a blood-soaked, sword and sorcery epic with ample doses of nudity, recently completed its second season.