Sophie in a sentence

Sophie was already getting her things together.

Sophie bent down to examine her patient.

Sophie felt a chill run through her.

Sophie herself was delighted with the proposals.

Sophie won a challenge in episode 4.

Sophie feels guilty and tells her shocked parents everything.

Sophie had lifted the phone before the second ring.

Sophie consistently sent money home to help support her family.

Sophie and Angel both receive unanimous praise.

The reception Sophie has garnered from critics has been mixed.

She later realises Sophie is telling the truth.

For a while Sophie was critically ill.

Sophie Godwin is still asking where her mother has gone.

Meanwhile please check Sophie‘s own blog .

His wife Sophie left Nagasaki shortly thereafter.

Sophie smiled mechanically, but her spirits sank.

Her love and sympathy was too much for Sophie .

Sophie shut the door behind her and found herself trembling.

Suddenly Sophie found she was in deep water.

Sophie put her hand to her head.

Sophie moved towards the door and Dawn shrugged.

Sophie looked at him closely then turned.

Sophie looked at her friend in dismay.