somewhere || in a sentence

He must be somewhere about.

He is still somewhere about.

I may have met her somewhere.

I left my passport somewhere.

He lives somewhere about here.

He’s somewhere about the park.

He went to Narita or somewhere.

I remember seeing him somewhere.

I want to go somewhere in Europe.

I remember meeting her somewhere.

One must draw the line somewhere.

His house is somewhere about here.

He lives somewhere around the park.

I may have seen that girl somewhere.

I remember that I met him somewhere.

Sadly, my cat has gone away somewhere.

I remember seeing him somewhere before.

I lost my wallet somewhere around here.

If you need me, I’ll be somewhere around.

Maybe they are somewhere around the pond.

His house is somewhere about Fourth Street.

I remember seeing that gentleman somewhere.

I remember having seen him somewhere before.

I may have put the key somewhere in this room.

I have gone astray somewhere in my calculation.