solitary in a sentence

He was placed in a solitary cell in the pre-furnished third chamber of the Bertaudière tower.

They are, in most cases, located in the right hepatic lobe and are frequently seen as solitary.

The Finnish band HIM covered “solitary Man” on their album And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits.

Polyps may be solitary or colonial, and some bud asexually by various means, making more polyps.

solitary wasps The nesting habits of solitary wasps are more diverse than those of social wasps.

Afterwards, both male and females go their separate ways and return to a solitary life once more.

This is a reference to an allegation used by prosecutors to keep Mitnick in solitary confinement.

It has uncharacteristic behaviors, such as packs called ‘harems’ while all other foxes are solitary.

Built before the war as a military prison, it became the camp’s strict solitary confinement building.

After a half-hearted argument with Glynn, McManus accepts Glyn’s decision to throw him into solitary.

At Easter Road they drew 2 2 and only a solitary goal in the replay put Clyde into the final once again.

Jack, suspected of being complicit in Irina’s espionage, was detained and placed in solitary confinement.

Only one solitary person, Sayyed Abulghais, one of the pious Sayyeds of the place, went to visit the Mirzá.

That sometimes colorful, solitary spathe is a showy modified bract that can be somewhat leathery in texture.

She seems to be a very solitary person keeping to herself and she is not very feminine as in she is a tomboy.

Gateshead scored their solitary try before half-time when Ben McAlpine scored, and Nick Youngquest converted.

794522 In total, he served 10 months, suffering a heart attack while in solitary confinement.

They are generally solitary but at times small schools of Grey Nurses are found swimming and feeding together.

The project also includes a solitary hydroelectric power plant, the 27,945-kilowatt Elephant Butte Powerplant.