soaker in a sentence

soaker hoses are water conserving means of watering shrub beds especially.

There are soaker hoses for really dry times.

soaker hose is surely an appropriate tool to utilize.

Using a drip or soaker hose is best.

soaker hose is also an excellent choice.

Use soaker hoses for the best watering program.

The brand new 4 pce bath has a luxurious soaker tub .

soaker hoses or drip irrigation may be placed directly on the bed.

Use both portions of the Rumparooz 6R soaker .

soaker hoses and mulch will also reduce watering needs in the garden.

soaker hoses help to reduce water use by up to 90%.

Water the asparagus crowns deeply after planting, using a soaker hose.

Micro and drip irrigation and soaker hoses are examples of water efficient irrigation methods.

I really like the Rumparooz 6R soaker for this purpose.

We were playing with super soakers , and water was in my eyes.

Water balloons are useful in several ways that soakers cannot be used.

Using a soaker hose to water the garden is probably your very best choice.

Last time I had visited this project we had the overall soaker hoses finished .

And so thus armed with beer and Super soakers , we were underway.

How to make a soaker hose part 2 picks up where part 1 left off .

A line of soaker hose was added to water the both sets of fruit trees.

Use soaker hoses, drip irrigation, or water by hand to minimize water loss.

But, inventing the Super soaker was perhaps the easy part of the journey.

Light rain is one thing, but a steady soaker just zaps my motivation.

Once it is on, I then cover it with a fleece soaker .

Drip systems and soaker hoses are efficient, reasonably priced, and easy to install.