snow chains in a sentence

The trucks are equipped with automatic snow chains .

Vehicles must carry snow chains for each drive wheel.

The microspikes are snow chains for shoes.

The plow was an enormous tractor with six-foot-tall rear tires , a closed cabin, and snow chains .

The XCLs which you already have will perform well in snow without the use of snow chains .

One of the above, perhaps, or am I better to buy a set of snow chains ?

Though I do have snow chains on my heels, as does every other fashionista in New York.

Eventually, a tug ground unit properly equipped with snow chains was used to push the aircraft back from the gate.

Compulsory equipment in France and Monaco: Warning triangle – excludes motorcycles snow chains – must be fitted to vehicles using snow-covered roads in compliance with the relevant road sign.

CDH: p. 42 08.J.09(5) When driving on roadways where snow chains are required, temporary special speed limits may be posted which you must obey.

Stopping is prohibited on long stretches due to rock or snow avalanche dangers, and the road is often closed in winter, with the carrying of snow chains mandatory during snow conditions.

Toolbox with contents: Cable kit, 1 Wheel-brace, 4 snow chains , 2 Tubular extensions (for boom cranks), 2 ratchet keys (for drive shafts), Tommy bar (for frame brace turnbuckles), 1 spirit level, 1 × 4 m patch cable (for tail light), 1 crank handle (for platform winch), repair kit for catching net, Tool kit.

A toolbox fixed on the chassis carried snow chains , a tyre pump, and assorted tools for the Meillerwagen and KdF motor.

Most run on wheels, often with snow chains or studded tires, but some are mounted on caterpillar tracks, with the tracks themselves adapted to throw the snow towards the side of the road.

Motorists whose vehicles were not equipped with 4-wheel drive were required to use snow chains to travel on state roadways during the storm.