sniper in a sentence

Toronto sniper Phil Kessel continues to struggle with his goal output.

For snipers, it’s always about watching and waiting on a target.

Robie takes a typical assignment and shoots someone using a sniper scope.

The guards have been bolstered by new equipment, including sniper rifles.

Three years later, he published his best-selling memoir, American sniper.

Prosecution expected to rest in ‘American sniper‘ trial Former Marine Cpl.

Three years later, he published his best-selling memoir, “American sniper.”

Here is a look at Christopher Kyle and other successful snipers in history.

The director of American sniper, Clint Eastwood, is no stranger to westerns.

“I saw ‘American sniper‘ and would not consider myself to be an angry person.

Staying low and out of the way of sniper fire, the men unfurl the Iraqi flag.

We joined the unit of reconnaissance soldiers, snipers and other specialists.

Worse are the snipers — another human being looking at you, trying to kill you.

Armed police patrolled the area, and a sniper could be seen on a nearby rooftop.

A trained military rifleman, not a sniper, would hit about 5 percent of the time.

Where there was occasional sniper fire two years ago, mortars are now being fired.

Also in the audience was Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle of “American sniper” fame.