sniffing in a sentence

The first thing police did this morning was use their new explosives-sniffing dog Ryker to do a bomb sweep at the convention center.

A series of images captured the moment the gorillas tenderly cradled her in her arms as well as rubbing noses, kissing and sniffing her.

A gas-sniffing orbiter with a demonstration lander named Schiaparelli is due to launch in January 2016 and arrive at Mars nine months later.

Airport officials said a sniffer dog team was going through the passengers’ bags but RCMP would not confirm reports they were bomb-sniffing dogs.

Woodall commented that they were “like dogs sniffing round each other.”

He claimed that sniffing butane “made him forget what happened in Singapore.”

Raya also saw Oli Hamdani, one of Jendra’s celebrity girlfriends sniffing cocaine.

It looks like semen drips from his nose and he has a penchant for sniffing panties.

Dogmatix is relatively intelligent, but is useless when it comes to sniffing out a trail.

His only weakness was that he could not create mercury, and also had the addiction of sniffing mercury.

User Agent String Both today and in the past, browser sniffing has been a big problem for Opera, a minority browser.