Smolder in a sentence

use Smolder in a sentence


1. [verb] to burn slowly without flames;

The house was still smoldering and smoking after two hours of cooling.

The smoky scent of smoldering charcoal filtered through the air.

Driving through later, smoke rose from twisted trees and smoldering stumps.

She lit her cigarette with a lighter and then left it to smolder on the ashtray.

The smoldering air suffocated him like a sauna and scorched his throat.

2. [verb] to have hidden feelings that are not expressed explicitly;

The woman smoldered with unhappiness.

You can just see the smoldering anger and grief in their faces.

His mother’s near tearfulness, his father’ s smoldering fury, are just familiar parts of the family scenery.

I could feel the smouldering hostility towards the immigrants.

Tom spent the evening smouldering with anger and worry.