sluggish in a sentence

Our minds were sluggish respecting spiritual things.

The app launch comes amid sluggish sales .

Never mind the still sluggish job market.

Cleveland said job openings had increased but hiring remained sluggish .

Video response was sluggish across the board.

The economy has been sluggish for five years.

Even your physical body may feel sluggish .

Huge crystals are produced while the cooling is very sluggish .

The PlayStation 3 version is noticeably more sluggish .

However , sluggish economic growth should keep price pressures muted.

Do not let the circulation become sluggish .

So food tends to move more slowly and digestion is sluggish .

Feel less sluggish and taking 15 minutes exercise each day.

Bankers anticipate a sluggish advance in overall lending.

My lion seems a little more sluggish than usual.

My system was sluggish after the last upgrade.

The first half was sluggish enough with both sides trading blows.

The week was marked by sluggish work during practices.

Now its own rhythm was strained and sluggish .

The is too sluggish to rule this country .