skinhead in a sentence

He is every skinhead‘s nightmare”.

The original skinhead scene had mostly died out by 1972 .

This led to skinheads being both hated and feared.

Hair is typically shaved shorter than with traditional skinheads .

The skinhead style is smart, clean and tough.

The hard mods eventually transformed into the skinheads .

Eventually, band members denied their skinhead roots.

Among some skinheads , black metal is popular.

Later it became popular with many skinheads .

The trial attracted attention of WP skinheads who conducted various protests.

These hard mods became commonly known as skinheads by about 1968.

The skinhead‘s immediate predecessor was short haired & neat.

skinhead suits were much like those worn by the mods.

skinhead tastes are ‘right down to earth’.

Non skinhead girls had similar cuts – Julie Driscoll influence?

Most skinheads probably won’t vote at all.

But what exactly are the skinheads nostalgic for?

I’ve been a skinhead for eight years.

skinheads showed up and the security detail left.

I used a picture from my skinhead phase.

Just watch the way a skinhead moves.

A sheepskin coat was the skinhead status symbol.