skating in a sentence

He is skating.

We enjoyed skating.

I went skating on the lake.

I would not go skating today.

skating on the pond is dangerous.

We used to go skating every weekend.

Having finished lunch, we went skating.

Her skating performance was a regular feat.

Everybody in my class prefers skiing to skating.

To me skiing is far more interesting than skating.

While skating at the ice rink she fell on her rear.

A winter sport that many people enjoy is ice skating.

I should be, I have been skating since I was five years.

He lost his memory temporarily after hitting his head while skating.

Because the ice became soft, we had to call off the iceskating party.

Brad lost consciousness after falling and hitting his head while skating.

After he fell while skating, he found that he was dizzy, and his vision was blurred.

When we were young, my dad used to flood our backyard in winter to make a skating rink.

He lost his memory for a few minutes after hitting his head on the ice at the skating rink.

The judge in the figure skating competition was accused of being partial to the hometown skater.

He suffered some brain damage as a result of hitting his head on the ice when he fell while skating.

Some guy fell and hit his head while skating, and he had a big cut with blood just pouring out of it.

In the winter, when the nights were long and the days short, she watched the children coasting and skating.

The ice-skating arena in Duncan features a giant hockey stick as a decoration on the outside of the building.

The American showed excellent technique in the skating competition, but his performance wasn’t very artistic.