skater in a sentence

Josh is a good skater, he’s hard-nosed player,” said Calgary coach Bob Hartley.

Organizer Fritz Schumann said he grew up in Africa and wasn’t a skater as a kid.

He finished just behind Russia’s Pavel Kulizhnikov and Dutch skater Michel Mulder.

He is a great talent as well as an excellent athlete and great skater, Walkom said.

While not the fastest skater, Moore was an offensive force who was also tough as nails.

Hudler tapped in a loose puck with Calgary goaltender Karri Ramo pulled for an extra skater.

She’s not a good skater, so she is liable to hurt herself if she goes rollerblading without a helmet.

The higher durometer contributes to less wear and greater speed, but also less resistance, a factor that can increase a skater‘s endurance.

She competed first as a singles skater, winning the novice bronze medal and placing and 8th in junior ladies at the Canadian Championships.

The game’s average review score of 97% on Metacritic ties it with Tony Hawk’s Pro skater 3 for the highest ranked game in PlayStation 2 history.

Olympic Champion figure skater John Curry notably performed his jumps in one direction (anti-clockwise) while spinning predominantly in the other.

; Step-out: When a skater either under- or over-rotates a jump so that he or she does not land cleanly and must put the free leg down prematurely.

The blade is often curved in the direction toward which the skater moves forward, to aid in retaining or lifting the puck off the playing surface.

It allows a skater to reduce his speed much more quickly than footbreaking, but requires a wider area depending on his ability to control the slide.

“(Bernier is) a good skater, he’s smart, he’s worked hard at his game.