sizeable in a sentence

The government’s tax increase will put a sizeable dent in the average worker’s paycheck.

The people of Iran represent many ancestries, including sizeable Turkish and Arab minorities.

Geologists believe there may be sizeable deposits of oil in the waters off the coast just north of here.

MetroMall includes a sizeable movie theater complex.

It also has a sizeable pedestrian zone with plenty of shops.

sizeable harbours are located at Tauranga, Whakatane and Ohiwa.

Only one newspaper with a sizeable circulation supported the president.

A discovery that year revealed a sizeable population of these creatures.

And it did not take Akram long to live up to these sizeable expectations.

Today Muslims and Christians also form a sizeable portion of the population.

By the end of the 19th century they were employing a sizeable number of staff.

sizeable Dutch communities exist in the area around Kranenburg to the west of Kleve.

Especially in the neighbourhood of Buitenveldert there’s a sizeable Jewish community.

Also, there are about 35 synagogues to serve the sizeable Jewish community in the county.

‘Rat trails’ of cars sneaked through narrow sidestreets, presenting sizeable bottlenecks.

He has a secluded home in the U.S., which contains a command center and a sizeable armory.

A plan has been outlined to allocate a sizeable portion of the land under development to the construction of low-cost housing.

North American society is being plagued by a war on drugs that is not working, and that is simply criminalizing a sizeable portion of our society.

“I have received quite sizeable (amounts of) ammunition free of charge.

Greek scholars also gave the name colon “limb” to a sizeable section of verse or speech.

PPG did face headwinds due to a strong dollar as it does have a sizeable business overseas.