sister city in a sentence

Ontario has five sister cities around the world.

Tijuana has multiple sister cities and twin towns.

Hawaii has many sister cities and twin towns.

Chicago has 28 sister cities around the world.

About eight or nine cities have sister city associations.

The two cities are considered sister cities and are highly interdependent.

Philadelphia has dedicated landmarks to its sister cities .

Hamburg has nine twin towns and sister cities around the world.

After hurricane Katrina they became sister cities .

sister city projects link local communities in different world regions.

Napier City Council recognises three sister city relationships.

Antananarivo has established sister city agreements with four cities.

The two towns became official sister cities in August 1995.

In 1998, the two formally proclaimed themselves sister cities .

Gifu has active relationships with six sister cities .

Quincy, Illinois has two sister cities .

Currently, Glendale has the following sister cities .

Dallas has eight sister cities and seven Friendship cities.

Washington, D.C., has fourteen official sister city agreements.

Its sister cities also take part in these events.

There are also two other sister city projects in progress.

Kobe has seven sister cities and a number of other affiliations.

sister city relationship established with Florence, Italy.

sister city relationship established with Kraków, Poland.