simultaneously in a sentence

Multiple people will be able to edit the same document simultaneously.

Almost simultaneously, cable systems popped up in Arkansas and Oregon.

It says a million cadets will simultaneously do yoga at 1,900 locations.

Small businesses solve many social and economic problems simultaneously.

54674 And then almost simultaneously, we decided to turn our phones back off.

“The two can be done simultaneously, but they are different goals,” McClary says.

The law’s two major engines of coverage expansion face challenges simultaneously.

583149 Reducing the thought required seemed to simultaneously reduce the emotion.

The limitations of modern AI and Nao’s complexities simultaneously came into focus.

That both drugs were being used simultaneously is beyond doubt,”” Gass says.”

Since then, the exchange rate has been fluctuating simultaneously with the oil trade prices.

Seeking bigger audience Baahubali was shot simultaneously in the Tamil and Telagu languages.

Dorsey now has the rare position in the tech industry of running two companies simultaneously.

In Homs, the Syrian army has engaged in four battles simultaneously under the Russian air cover.

Macilau effectively sheds light upon a situation that is simultaneously so visible and invisible.

simultaneously, he is unapologetically entrenching the CCP’s monopoly power under his leadership.

However, Benioff believes a big wage hike needs to occur simultaneously with “dramatic” tax reform.

They were rigged to photograph simultaneously, taking seven images from seven angles of one moment.

It’s the only phone number I give out, and it simultaneously rings and texts all the devices I have.

It marks the first time nominations for all of the categories will be announced simultaneously on TV.

Sorption is the action of both absorption and adsorption takes place simultaneously.

Not blogging has been simultaneously glorious and agonizing .