silver medal in a sentence

The silver medal set is no longer awarded.

The latter won the silver medal in individual competition.

Sweden won 4 gold and 5 silver medals in 12 tournaments.

The team achieved second place, coming home with silver medals .

Therefore, no silver medal was awarded.

Argentina’s silver medals were no big surprise.

The United States took home silver medals .

silver medals : The silver medals are everywhere.

silver medals: The silver medals are everywhere.

They earned the silver medal in Vancouver.

Puerto Rico won the silver medal and qualified.

Chong would eventually continue to win the silver medal .

Jamaica left Mexico with a sole silver medal .

Elliott eventually broke away to take the silver medal .

Individuals on the second place relay will receive silver medals .

Individuals on the second place team will receive silver medals .

He won the silver medal for the low amateur.

Japan won the Paralympic silver medal in 2010.

The US finished second, winning the silver medal .