Silicon Valley in a sentence

By then, Meerkat had taken off in Silicon Valley and blew up at SXSW.

The case shocked Silicon Valley, in part because of its lurid details.

In fact, the band sounds captivated by the vibe of Silicon Valley.

But the results speak for themselves, especially in nearby Silicon Valley.

His nationalist agenda alarms companies from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

One of the offices of Enterprise Estonia naturally opened in Silicon Valley.

You lately wrote about Silicon Valley and how it has to deal with big issues.

NextEV has several global research facilities, including one in Silicon Valley.

This column is adapted from a larger CNN story, “The poor kids of Silicon Valley.”

Partnering with the federal government is a hard sell in the Silicon Valley.

He isn’t just another conventional networker or another greedy Silicon Valley prick.

Business Exchange By Aaron Ricadela Silicon Valley is putting on the ritz for Romney.

We are in the process of raising venture funding in Silicon Valley,”” he said.”

But he has some key advice for all the 2016 candidates: adopt a Silicon Valley mindset.

However, not all of Silicon Valley‘s tech titans chose to make appearances at the event.

Bike-to-work jacket: It’s no secret that cycling is a big deal in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley will be in good health as long as good people with good ideas flock here.

Silicon Valley has funded a ton of companies focused on monetizing data for advertising.

Silicon Valley believes in entrepreneurship and looking for a way forward, said Montauk.