sibling in a sentence

She works as hard as her siblings.

Find someone who has a juvenile sibling.

Discussion question: What can a parent do to reduce sibling rivalry in a family? roast
When a Somali refers to a brother or sister, this term can include distant relatives as well as actual siblings.

As a result, Malcolm and his siblings entered the foster care system.

Because my grandmother was one of 13 siblings, we had lots of cousins.

So the royal siblings decided to slip out and got permission to do so.

I’m so different from my siblings; there was nobody like me, she said.

February 19 – March 20 You could face difficulties with your siblings.

When he left, Sherko hugged his parents, his three siblings and the cat.

Perhaps some of this sensitivity comes from her adoptive black siblings.

They include Douglas Gissendaner’s parents and siblings who seek justice.

Detective Kristine Bowdish said she has been in touch with Schulze’s siblings.

The estate, controlled by the three siblings, had voted 2-1 to sell the iteMs.
There are a number of plovers nesting at the site, including ET’s sibling, E2.

By then, Chicken had moved to the Grant Houses with her mother and her siblings.

FBI agents arrested Khan and his two siblings at O’Hare Airport in October 2014.

Using 150 “Likes,” the program could beat a family member (a parent or sibling).

Police said the boy’s family – a mom, dad and two siblings – were out for a walk.

Serena Williams now leads her older sibling 16-11 in their head-to-head matchups.