Sham in a sentence

Definition of Sham

a person or a thing that is not what they are claimed to be; fake

Use Sham in a sentence

He thought he had bought an antique brass bed, but it turned out to be a sham.

The vote was boycotted by the opposition which described it as a sham.

This report is a sham. It does not show the reality.

It’s a sham misleading article on the international affairs.

There was no political transformation: democracy has been a sham, with disputed elections and messy power transfers.

The verdict is a sham based upon emotion and not fact.

The well-known writer has often been the victim of sham trials, arrests and even torture.

His opponents dismiss these as a sham, saying it is impossible to have a valid vote while bloodshed continues.

She entered into a sham marriage to secure her inheritance, annulling it shortly thereafter.

Fabrications and sham pictures spread via Twitter during Hurricane Sandy and propaganda during the presidential campaign.