shackles in a sentence

When the home side managed to break their shackles and get out of defence, they were allowed to progress 70 yards almost unchallenged.

The shackles and chains way This is Amanullah, a drug addict, during his ‘rehab’ that involves being chained to the wall of a holy shrine for 40 days.

The only other difference was the removal of the outer pair of wing bomb shackles.

Russian officers and soldiers supervise a blacksmith placing shackles on a woman ( Polonia ).

Only some moments before the assembly of the panel of the court did they remove the shackles.

He-Man is imprisoned in a tower room where he is bound with electro shackles that he can’t break.

Crossing a rope bridge, Wolverine eventually gains the upper hand and strangles Cyber with their shackles.

On the R&B/Hip Hop chart, the song became their second biggest hit since “shackles” in 2000, reaching the 50.

Sophia Blyuvshtein (aka Son’ka Golden Hand) Son’ka Golden Hand has in shackles before being sentenced to 3 years in solitairy.