set off in a sentence

It might set off quite a fight.

The band” sets off ” the main panel.

We set off again along the gravel paths.

The report set off a nationwide scare.

Natural obligations may be set off against civil obligations.

Wood string courses set off the stories.

A stone water table sets off the foundation.

These weapons had been selected before they set off .

A family crisis sets off an herbal renaissance.

Stephen had already set off down the path.

He had three hours before he need set off .

The next morning we set off northwards.

That set off celebrations throughout the state.

Phone ahead to check before setting off .

We set off past the breeze block rest camp dormitories.

Times may change – please check before setting off .

He had set off early, too.

A strange sound can set off whining and barking.

As are writing spell books and setting off on magical adventures.

The two boys set off toward the field.

set off ahead of my mother.

He went through a metal detector without setting off any alarms.

Additionally hydrogen will set off a carbon monoxide detector.

Will my metal implant set off a metal detector?

John set off ahead with legs less tired than mine.

She mounted the bike and set off .

He waved his hand and set off again.

Performance sets off discussion to explain local knowledge and beliefs.