serene in a sentence

Your pictures are very still and serene .

The life inside was serene and orderly once again.

He is brave enough and serene enough .

The treatment room and relaxation area are serene .

The lake and land surroundings are absolutely beautiful and serene .

He is characterized with calm and serene dignity.

It is peaceful and serene and inspires relaxation.

The serene temple has intricate carvings and a copper roof.

A must listen musical score that is serene even while repeated.

It was quiet and serene and magical .

We trust your sleep was serene and undisturbed?

The meditation session turned the whole college campus in serene silence.

My new home is peaceful and serene .

The refuge was not always peaceful and serene .

A majestic serene lake surrounded by mighty Himalayan peaks.

Being serene , they are neither born nor extinguished.

It’s tone and tenure is serene .

I ‘ve seldom stayed anywhere so serene .

The internal monastery means one’s serene mind.

Mr. Dyer’s temper grew serene again.

His ability to create serene vulgarity has been underestimated.

The bowl of course is so serene and grounding.

The elections were conducted in a relaxed and serene mood.

serene mind is a valuable spiritual asset for you.

Dig down deep, and get serene .