Sequester in a sentence

Use Sequester in a sentence

Sequester meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb; noun] to isolate, to keep away from other people; an order by the US government stating that a government department spend less,

The jury were sequestered during the trial.

The jury has been sequestered since deliberations began Nov. 3.

The boys who took part in fight were sequestered in the manager’s room for some time.

The sequester requires an 8 % cut of these expenditures.

What should Congress do instead of enacting the sequester?

The sequester was signed into law in 2011.

In the future, the technology could also be used to capture and sequester carbon dioxide.

The nuns were sequestered in their cells.

Warmer sea water releases sequestered gases, including carbon dioxide.

Subsequently, the players are sequestered in their own pods.

The carbon dioxide is separated and can be recycled or sequestered for storage .