Sentinel in a sentence

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Sentinel meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] guard; sentry ;

The Sentinels are combat based, using heavy weapons and armor.

They had a sentinel keep watch and planned to ambush the next group of Indians who went past.

Lourdes is soon killed by Sentinels in a battle.

They act as guardians and sentinels of the Quori.

The Sentinel was able to defeat Wolverine.

Beast is killed after being crushed under the rubble of a Sentinel attack.

Lavinia determinedly turns her back on the house, standing like a sentinel.

The two teams join forces to rescue a group of children from a Sentinel prison camp.

The player must defeat a Sentinel before they can challenge the final boss and main antagonist Luis Reyes.

There was also a sentinel in the army building who had a conversation with my aunt through the keyhole.

When inactive, they act as sentinels.