sense of certainty in a sentence

New Zealanders are losing that sense of certainty .

Ironically , this unexamined sense of certainty makes their faith vulnerable.

But the sense of certainty your talking about actually results from neurochemistry.

This sense of certainty was probably the occupational community’s greatest source of strength.

We ‘re all flabbergasted, thrilled and filled with a renewed sense of certainty .

It’s easy to get an illusive sense of certainty on these state contests.

These subordinates feel more comfortable when a leader provide a sense of certainty in the work setting.

And with a grey sense of certainty she knew she could never be that sure ever again.

Impossibility is recognized as different from a form of divergence, because only impossibility denotes a sense of certainty .

Her presence provided a sense of certainty to the nation, as well as focusing world attention on Australia.

Stop clinging to your sense of certainty , and let God be the judge – you cause harm with your misjudgments.

In light of all the talk about “uncertainty” in the economy at large, curiously paired with a great sense of certainty of continued increases in executive compensation, the answer is obvious.

There was a wonderful sense of certainty about the New Testament canon, the divinity of Christ, and all other points of contact.

I think that the relevant sense of certainty involves something like knowledge beyond skepticism : intuitively, knowledge such that one’s epistemic situation enables one to rule out all skeptical counterpossibilities.

However, if you’re prepared to invest freedom and authority in a perceptive, razor-sharp blogger; if your brand conveys a sense of certainty and opinion in its personality and core values; if your organization can respond unhesitatingly to issues with freedom, flexibility, and speed, this could be your blogging moment.

On the one hand, it causes conflict and dissension with loved ones, while on the other hand, it may generate a sense of certainty and yield associations with other like-minded people.

Nonetheless, Cwik adds that Langs, “with some tempering of his extreme sense of certainty , illuminated a teaching interaction which is at the core of our craft., echoing earlier complaints that Langs’ tone suggests too much confidence in his conclusions.

Beliefs are valuable resources, generalizations that people use to give themselves a sense of certainty and a basis for decision-making in an uncertain and ambiguous world.

In this case, a sizable faction of people across the world, and also many based in locations away from Earth reached a sense of certainty that “unchecked technological development will kill off the human race”.