Seminal in a sentence

Definition of Seminal

affecting the way things develop in the future, having influential importance on later developments

Use Seminal in a sentence

This innovation is like Google or an iPhone, just a seminal product.

My math teacher  was a seminal figure in my life. He changed my expectations of a future career.

Adam Yauch, the gravelly voiced rapper who made the Beastie Boys one of the seminal groups in hip-hop, has died.

Considered one of the seminal movies of the 1970s, The French Connection was the first R rated movie to win the Best Picture Oscar.

The seminal work in information theory is Claude Shannon’s 1948 paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”.

The seminal rock album sold more than 11 million copies and remains one of the best-selling recordings of all time.

Neon is “seminal” in the Cars movies and on Route 66.

Deborah Jowitt is one of the seminal voices of and for the 20th century dance.

The Modern Slavery Bill is a seminal piece of legislation that is one of the most comprehensive actions taken by a modern government in the fight against human trafficking.

Since the release of his seminal solo album, Tayaman (Abrefi Records), in 1991, Abdul Raheem has achieved international critical acclaim.